How it Works

Here's something watchable

...and here's something readable.

Let's say you run a company called Brute Bars. You make protein bars for post-workouts. They're delicious.

Brute bars

Why'd I bother mocking this up? I was probably putting off doing something more important.

Now let’s say it’s Halloween, and you want to tweet something with a coupon code. You draft two tweets, but recognize that one will almost certainly lead to more sales than the other.

Matrix one of these tweets

You could just guess which is better, but if you want to make an informed decision, here’s what you can do:

Create a Poll

1. Put in some context so that your options will make sense, and then enter your options.

Create a poll

Get Credits or Take Polls

2. Decide if you want to pay for responses or work for them. If you want to pay for them, purchase some credits, pick how many responses you want, then skip to step 6. Otherwise, proceed, my fellow broke-ass entrepreneur.

3. Take other users’ polls. Use the comments field to explain your reasoning or offer suggestions. Keep taking polls until you get the desired number of responses to your poll. You can leave the site and come back if needed. Some responses may still trickle in while you’re gone, but you’ll get the most responses if you’re actively taking polls on the site.

Review Results

4. Click on Active Poll to keep track of responses coming in

Active poll

5. Click the blue arrow for a complete look at responses (also accessible through My Polls)

View poll button

6. Click on the Comments tab to review comments.

7. If you’re satisfied with the number of respones, go tweet the best damn Halloween-themed Brute Bar message ever. Otherwise, you can purchase additional responses, or earn them by taking more polls.

Fun Stuff

  • During all that excitement, did you get some coins? That means people marked your comments as helpful. Click on the coin at the top-right to spend them.
  • You can unlock more breeds/outfits by completing certain achievements like taking a certain number of polls.
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