Who Did This!?

Robert Merrill

master codebreaker

Robert writes code in Emacs using Evil and is an Org-mode fanatic. He's great at refraining from eye-rolls during Tim's rants about future features.

Tim Winfree

master colormaker

Tim is mostly in Illustrator and After Effects, and that's his voice in the promo video. He tries to help Robert with coding problems like a toddler might help do taxes.


We've launched a number of things over the last decade or so: a production company, a camera bag, an iOS app, this web app. A frequent task across each was writing–consequential stuff like tag lines, descriptions, titles, emails, tweets, etc. But with only each other (non-writers) to judge the quality of our words, it was always a slow-going process of self doubt, lost time, and screw-ups.

We wanted to have the best words.

But we weren’t alone.

And there was our solution.

The more people who shared our problem, the more participants that could be used to predict an audience response, as well as supply each other with valuable feedback. If only such a platform existed, it would be a powerful marketing tool at no cost. We just had to build it. And it’d need a name.

We’ve both raised chickens, and when a hen is trying to hatch an egg, she’s considered “broody.” That sounded like a good fit. Thanks for being here to make this system possible, and good luck on whatever you’re hatching.

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