What is this?

This is a site that allows users to quickly vet their writing with an audience, and harvest ideas on how their writing could be improved.

Who is it for?

It’s for anyone who cares about how audiences respond to their words. We’re entrepreneurs ourselves, so that’s the crowd we understand best and are currently building the site to serve. As our users grow, we plan on creating channels for specific communities, where users can get responses only from members within that community, such as comics, songwriters, screenwriters, eulogists, etc.

Who sees my submitted phrases?

This is important. Because quite often our writing is garbage (by “our” I mean “my,” as in Tim Winfree’s), and not ready for our audiences. That’s why submissions are only seen by Broody users who are taking your poll. They’re also not indexable by Google so they won’t appear in any search results.

Is it free?

Yep, you can get as many free responses to your polls as you’d like, as long as you’re on the site giving feedback to other users’ polls. If you don’t have time, or don’t want to give feedback, you can purchase tokens that you can use to buy the responses you need.

How many responses do I need to get before my results are statistically significant?

Get outta here with that shit.

How do you stop bots/jerks that are just clicking responses without really giving the polls any thought?

We’ve got custom-built bot/jerk detection running to identify bots/jerks and remove their ability to contribute toward other users’ polls

Free Polls

How many polls do I have to take to get X results?

We try to keep it as close to a 1:1 exchange as possible, but various factors affect that rate. An influx of paid polls, for example, will require more polls be taken to get a response, whereas an influx of free polls will result in less polls being needed. But every poll taken is always contributing toward another response earned.

What about when I leave the site? Will I still get responses?

Most likely a few, yes. If there is a shortage of new polls being added, then polls from offline users will be added into the poll queue. The system favors the polls of users who were last active, so the longer a user has been away, the less likely his/her poll will be shown.


How do I get/give coins?

Currently, coins are only awarded when a user marks a comment as helpful. When that occurs, the author of the comment immediately receives a coin.

What are they used for?

Coins are used to customize the look of your chicken, which other users see at the top of every poll you create.

How do I spend coins?

Spend coins by clicking on your coin bank at the top right of the page. (If you don’t have any coins, this icon won’t appear.) This takes you to a page where you can see which comments earned you coins, preview your chicken, and spend coins to unlock different chicken breeds and outfits.

Other users seem to have breeds/outfits that aren’t available in the store. How do I get those?

The first 100 Broody Plus users were provided with a breed or outfit that’s not available in the store as a thank you for their support. It’s not too late to get yours so feel free to start a Broody Plus account to get your own custom look. Other outfits/breeds become available after performing a specific action (e.g. taking a certain amount of polls, or having a certain number of comments marked “helpful). The more you use the site, the more breeds/outfits will be unlocked.

Are all the chickens hens?

Yes, all the chickens in Jurassic park Broody are female. We’ve engineered them that way.

But how do you know they’re all female?

We control their chromosome. It’s really not all that difficult.

Life finds a way.



What are credits? How do I get them?

Credits are used to buy responses for a new or existing poll. They can be purchased via credit card during the poll creation process or by clicking on "get more responses" when viewing your poll details. You can buy 20 or 100 credits at a time, and soon we’ll offer a monthly membership that gives you 500 credits/month and offers a reduced rate on any additional credits needed.

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